Tech Tip January 2019 – Microsoft Teams Like Button

Microsoft Teams provides a wealth of new options for communicating and collaborating with colleagues, bringing tools and services like chat, videoconferencing, group communications, file storage and more into a unified interface. As we onboard more groups to the Teams platform, we thought it would be helpful to define some strategies and basic etiquette for using Teams features.  

The “like” or “thumbs up” button is a great example of an easy communication tool in Teams. However, clicking a thumbs up may mean different things to different people, so establishing a shared definition is important. Many Teams use thumbs up to indicate affirmative confirmation. If someone on the Team is asked if they can take on a task, simply clicking that “like” button lets everyone know that they’ll handle the request and don’t have anything else to add to the conversation. This reduces the number of messages that simply reply with a confirmation.  

The like button is just the starting point for building definitions around how your group can most effectively use Teams to collaborate. It can be a helpful practice to post these definitions prominently on your Team site to keep current members on the same page and bring new members up to speed quickly. You can read more about establishing some best practices for Teams etiquette here.