Sharon Swan Accepts SITS Program Director Position

The Office of the CIO is excited to announce that Sharon Swan has accepted the position of Shared IT Services (SITS) Program Director and will have purview over its progression and program management. Sharon will work closely with the PPMO and the SITS team to lead the project during this time of project transition. Sharon’s experience, and years serving a similar role on the project, make her uniquely qualified to fill this role. Sharon will report directly to the CIO and has the full support of the OCIO in this role. The appointment of Sharon to the vacant Program Director position and other program activities are being put in place to ensure success of this foundational effort for Washington University. 

The SITS Program has faced many challenges due to the complexity of the task and estimation of work required to complete it.  To date, 11 departments in the Medical School and 5 units on the Danforth Campus have migrated to the Basic IT bundle under the Shared IT Services Program (SITS). Over 8000 desktops have been migrated, 800 servers have been reviewed and migrated or retired, and dozens of applications have been migrated. Recent improvements in processes, engineering and migrations have paid benefits in completing migrations more effectively.  

Please join me in congratulating Sharon on her new role.