Hiring for Customer Service

We are a customer service organization with IT expertise. This focus is detailed in the IT@WashU mission, vision and values statements. As the organization has renewed its focus on improving the customer experience, WashU IT and the OCIO have added language to all job descriptions emphasizing customer service as a required skill.  See the new additions below.

Team Skills: Supports teammates at all times and in any way necessary to maintain a productive, energetic, efficient and dynamic Information Services team. Communicates effectively and frequently both verbally and in writing with other members of the team. Collaborates with other teammates to provide assistance and expertise as well as to receive expert input and assistance from others delivering the best solution and experience for the customer.

Customer Service: Must possess an aptitude for patience, professionalism, tactfulness and empathy. Must be enthusiastic and committed to helping others and exhibit the ability to quickly assess the specific needs of the customer to determine an appropriate course of action. Must be able to quickly diffuse stressful or anxious situations.