Training for Great Customer Experiences

As WashU IT continues our focus on providing the best possible customer service, teams across our organization have been working to find opportunities to make improvements to our processes. According to Senior Director of IT Administration Katherine Krajcovic, “It’s not just about providing customer service training. It’s about showing our team members how following our mission, vision, and values will lead to delivering valuable customer service.”

The WashU IT mission, to “deliver an integrated, responsive and secure technology environment that advances and supports exceptional learning, research, innovation and patient care” relies on capable staff to deliver “the right IT services to the right communities from the right providers.” This is the core of WashU IT’s customer service approach at our institution. This model offers not only an opportunity to provide valuable tools to our community, but also a chance to appreciate the tremendous value of the work of WashU IT.

As part of our effort to promote a customer service approach to support, our IT Administration team has been running a customer service training pilot program to identify the best training courses for reaching our goals. Krajcovic says, “The customer service pilots were a way for us to assess and determine what type of development would support successfully building the right competencies and encourage team members to engage in specific behaviors as we strive to be a customer-centric IT organization.”

A diverse group of staff members from across the organization were selected to attend pilot sessions in an effort to better understand the varied customer service situations WashU IT staff handle. “Since we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted or needed, we opted to engage a cross-section of team members to help us determine which solution would be right for WashU IT,” Krajcovic says.

To date, two pilot programs have been offered. According to Krajcovic, neither of the programs reviewed so far were a perfect fit for WashU IT’s needs, but a new pilot program, designed in-house, was debuted during Customer Service Week. Krajcovic says, “We have some great, in-house talent on the CRM team and our next step is to take a close look at what Candace and Selena have already designed. It’s entirely possible that could be the choice!”

WashU IT leadership hopes to have a great customer service training program in place sooner, rather than later. Krajcovic says “By the end of this calendar year would be fantastic and would support many of the other customer service activities we have in flight.” If you would like to learn more about the pilot program, please email Katherine Krajcovic here.

You can find WashU IT’s mission, vision, and values here.