Developing Connections with WUCODE

Washington University Community of Developers (WUCODE) is a community of practice focused on creating a place for software engineers to collaborate and learn together about industry trends. Jason LaBrash, business and technology app analyst with Radiation Oncology, says the idea for the group was borne, in part, from a leadership training program he attended last year. LaBrash was particularly struck by the call to “lead from where you are”, and decided the best thing he could do would be to build a community where the many developers in different schools and departments across our campuses can engage with their colleagues about topics specific to their line of work.

WUCODE hosts regular meetings and organizes around a Microsoft Teams channel devoted to discussing any topics that are significant to developers at WashU. LaBrash emphasizes that you don’t have to be specifically employed as a developer to join and enjoy what this group has to offer. LaBrash says the group, “wants anyone who is interested in coding—including students, faculty, and staff.”

WUCODE meetings last an hour-and-a-half with the first 30 minutes devoted to socializing with other group members. The next hour features a presentation and discussion about a topics of interest to developers ranging from machine learning to the coming MyDay implementation to API development. The next WUCODE event will take place on September 14, with topics and location to be announced soon. To learn more about WUCODE and get involved, please send an email to WUCODE.