An IT Passport to Efficient, Collaborative Workflows

WashU IT is launching the Passport campaign later this month to highlight the ways that our tools and services can improve collaborative tasks. With this campaign, we took a look at software with powerful integrations that is currently being underused by our users. Our goal is to connect members of our university community with the software that will make their jobs easier by building workflows that feature frequent and repeating tasks.

Passport is an example of how WashU IT can highlight our strength as a customer service organization by helping our institution collaborate more effectively. Passport de-emphasizes corporate branding and technical details in favor of generating workflows tailored specifically to meet the needs of our community. Passport represents an excellent opportunity for WashU IT to showcase the agility of our organization by demonstrating that we understand the importance of our customers’ work and know precisely which tools will streamline their most common tasks.

Later this month, we will launch the campaign with a workflow for building academic schedules. This workflow revolves around building a team in Microsoft Teams then using it as a central hub for communicating and accessing the resources necessary for building the schedule. This workflow provides simple, easily understandable instructions for getting started with a team, connecting with the right resources, documenting the work, and saving the workflow to be used as needed in future semesters.

Over the course of the next year, we will be debuting new workflows regularly. This campaign features a Passport website with revolving information relevant to various workflows. This site will serve as the first stop for anyone wanting to learn more about streamlining their workflows. Additionally, we will be reaching out to stakeholders through targeted email campaigns, campaign-specific tutorials, and on-site events at Danforth and WUSM. This campaign launches the week of August 20thand continues throughout the 2018-2019 academic year.

WashU IT encourages faculty and staff to direct questions, suggestions, and comments about this project to Quint Smith. We are excited to share the many ways that Passport can work for you.