Shared IT Services moves through the Brown School

This month, Shared IT Services (SITS) is transitioning its way through the Brown School of Social Work. Since Shared IT Services temporarily departed the Department of Medicine, the project has embarked upon migrating stations on the Danforth Campus. Since January 2018, the SITS team has now migrated over 6,000 computers throughout WUSTL campuses. 

In May 2018, the project unveiled their new landing page to help customers and staff alike to be able to answer questions regarding SITS. The landing page, which acts as a first stop for information regarding the program and migrations, still has all of the great information that existed on the website previously – just organized in a new way to help address immediate customer and staff questions. Check out the new page here!

Last month, we announced our migration freeze from the DOM, due to the anticipated launch of Epic on the medical school campus. You can read about our progression from the DOM and about the upcoming unit implementation waves here.

Currently, we are in the migration stage for the Brown School and have begun Discovery on Danforth Facilities, Undergraduate Admissions and Public Affairs. SITS leadership is actively working on updated migration schedule for the end of summer 2018 and fall 2018 timelines. Click here for a projected timeline for migrating units.

Below is a snapshot of the SITS Metrics as of July,