July 9: Upcoming Windows Updates for Shared IT Services Computers

On Monday, July 9 at 7:30pm, we will be updating WashU managed Windows computers (Shared IT Services).
Summary of Changes: Windows 10
You will now have access to the action center, located in the bottom right-hand corner. The action center is used to inform you when updates are required, as well as other important system information. The action center also contains buttons allowing you to quickly access frequently used settings, such as wireless and projector options.

Summary of Changes: Windows 7
Your start menu will now include the following four new options:  Pictures, Music, Default Programs, and Help and Support. Please note that the Help and Support option listed in your start menu will take you to a Microsoft support site. You will still call 314-933-3333 for all your IT support needs!

Action Required
Your computer will require a reboot on Tuesday morning in order to see these changes. Please save all work before rebooting.