An Epic Undertaking

WashU IT, BJC, and WUSM completed the implementation of Epic software systems last month as the preferred choice for management of electronic medical records (EMR) for BJC’s flagship campus. Epic is a software system designed specifically for healthcare providers to improve workflows and seamlessly manage electronic medical records. According to Clay Mark, WashU IT’s project manager for the implementation, BJC and WUSM chose the system because “Epic is the industry standard, which means it will provide compatibility with a wide range of services. ”

The Epic rollout served as an example of coordinated efforts among departments. Mark said, “It would be difficult to find a team within Networking and End User Services that didn’t have some involvement in the EPIC launch. ” The collaborative nature of the project isn’t confined to teams within WashU IT. The successful rollout also required collaboration between teams from BJC, Epic, and all departments within WUSM. Mark noted, “This was a very unique moment when WashU and BJC overcame ‘silo-ization’ to come together to dig in and make this project successful. ”

Although the EPIC system is live, the project isn’t over.

“We have quite a few enhancements that are still coming,” Mark said. He believes that WashU IT’s ability to work across silos will continue to be critical for supporting and further developing the Epic system. “Our (WashU’s) relationship with BJC is stronger today because of undertaking this massive project together. ”

The BJC/WUSM rollout was the largest single Epic deployment to date using the cloud-based Citrix version of the software. You can find more about the project here.