Shared IT Services Begins Migration on Danforth Campus 

The Shared IT Services (SITS) program continues to move forward. Unit migrations to SITS remains a top priority of the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor of IT at Washington University in St. Louis.

Remind Me, What is SITS? 
You may recall, the plan to move to integrated Shared IT Services for end user and infrastructure technology at the university started back in December 2014 when university leadership, including the IT Executive Committee, the Deans and Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) Executive Faculty, approved funding for this multi-year program. You can view that announcement here and the response from John Gohsman here. Since then, SITS has been working to develop Shared IT Services and rebalance the IT delivery model for all the schools and departments in the university through planned department migrations to the SITS program.

SITS In Progress 
In May, the project completed its goal of migrating the Department of Medicine (DOM). Nearly 3,000 machines have now transitioned to SITS in DOM, with the scheduled pause at the start of this next month.

You may recall, as a part of the schedule recalibration announced this past January, SITS implementation teams will pause Wave I migrations scheduled after DOM in order to reduce interference with Epic’s June 2 go-live and post-stabilization efforts during the summer. See an FAQ article on those changes here.

Where is SITS currently?  
In April, we reported the initial Discovery for the Brown School and other scheduled fiscal units (CFUs). In this phase, a unit’s data is analyzed to help plan and prepare for their migration needs. You can see what kind of data is gathered during discovery here. Now that the initial stage has been completed, the project moves forward with the scheduled migration.

Going forward, SITS will now embark upon the migrating services to the Brown School on the Danforth Campus to begin efforts in Wave II of SITS.

Currently, SITS leadership is working on unveiling an updated migration schedule, as well as improving the support model. To see what units have already migrated, check out the list  here.

Where will SITS be next?  
In light of the current schedule recalibration talk, it is important to help end users understand what a ‘wave’ is as it relates to their unit implementation. We know that when a unit’s implementation is planned, it is put into a much larger plan, which is broken up into waves. This is done so that migrations can happen in smart and efficient ways. It is our job to help end users understand our four waves of implementation:

  • Wave I: Clinical units.
    • The Wave I schedule has been adjusted to finish unit migrations with Neurology and Department of Medicine unit migrations. The remaining clinical migrations will be paused until after Epic is live in June 2018.
  • Wave II: Existing customer groups in Brown School, Law School, Central Fiscal Units at Danforth and Central Administrative Units at WUSM.
    • In the interim of the Wave I recalibration, SITS is continuing in the migration schedule with Wave II migrations.
  • Wave III: New customers.
  • Wave IV: Hard sciences, pre-clinical groups, and cleanup.