STS Student Profile: Max Lowenthal

Student Technology Services (STS) provides WashU students with opportunities to learn and develop skills outside of the classroom. In this series, we will profile student workers and talk about the impact that STS has had on their lives.

Max Lowenthal came to WashU from St. Paul, Minnesota because it reminded him of home. Lowenthal says, “The friendly people and Midwest atmosphere reminded me of where I grew up and felt like the perfect place to take my next steps as an adult. I also really loved the idea of a challenging academic community who would push me to learn more than I would have on my own. I’d say that after four years, WashU has lived up to expectations in every way I could have imagined.”

Lowenthal will wrap up his duties as Chair of the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) when he receives his B.S.B.A. in marketing with a second major in computer science. During his tenure with STAC, he helped develop collaborative projects that altered what was possible for our faculty, staff, and student populations. Lowenthal says, “working with STS and STAC has taught me a lot about what it takes to make a change outside of the classroom. Making a difference at a scale similar to that of WashU takes a ton of people, and while my classes have taught how to make an impact through projects and assignments, working with STS has shown me how things get done in the real world.”

His experience with STS and STAC coupled with his coursework has left Lowenthal well-positioned to begin a career in technology. After graduating next month, Lowenthal says he’ll be, “headed to LinkedIn in San Francisco to join their Business Leadership Rotational Program. Through the program, I’ll get to work hands-on with many of LinkedIn’s clients to help make sure they’re using the company’s tool to their fullest potential. My time with STS and STAC has been invaluable in helping get things done with both my peers and clients. Learning how to work alongside professionals to make a difference and build partnerships was something that both STS and STAC we’re integral in teaching me, and that will make a huge difference in the workplace.”

If you would like to learn more about Student Technology Services and the students who work there, you can visit their website here.