MyDay: Laying a Foundation

In recent weeks, the MyDay team has focused its attention on what some team members are calling the “Four P’s” – People, Processes, Policies and Program Structure. These efforts will lay the foundation for much of the program’s work over the next five years.

People: MyDay will impact all of us in some way, whether that means a different way to report time or a whole new way of working. The MyDay team is working to identify who is impacted and in what ways, in order to best prepare each member of our community for the changes ahead. 

Processes: Following the completion of the business process inventory, the team now is outlining our current process flows. Analysis of these existing process flows will guide the design of new, streamlined processes for the MyDay environment.

Policies: The team is identifying all central, university-wide policies in order to determine what kind of impact, if any, MyDay will have on them. Doing this work now gives the university time to make any necessary policy decisions before MyDay is implemented. Once all university-wide policies are identified, the team will turn their attention to school- and department-level policies.

Program Structure: Lastly, the team is defining what the program will actually look like. What roles are needed on each project? How will the projects be managed? What is the best method for change control? Answers to these questions will shape how the team works and makes decisions throughout the life of the program.

Although much work lies ahead, we can proudly say, “We’re on our way to MyDay!”