FY 2019 Work Plan Now Available

The work plan template for FY19 is now available. Updates to the form were added to improve the work plan process and ensure the template was beneficial for users. Sections of the template were removed or shortened following feedback that certain fields were not adding value for employees or supervisors in evaluating performance.

Some key changes you will notice:

  • First work plan meeting changed from 6/30 to 4/30
    This will reduce the time from your evaluation from the previous fiscal year to the first work plan check and gives you the chance to showcase your accomplishments sooner
  • Behaviors and Activities section is more succinct
    Helps you share examples of how the work you do aligns with WashU IT values
  •  % FTE removed from categories 1-3
     Instead of calculations, we want you to focus on ways in which your work supports the mission, vision, and values of WashU IT
  • Changed Production Support to Ongoing Operational Support
    The title change more accurately reflects the work you are doing to maintain operations
  • Removed Administrative Tasks section
    Entering time in HRMS and Planview (Innotas) is something that is part of our day-to-day activities and is tracked other ways
  • Abbreviated the Management section
    In addition to 1:1 and team meetings, having ongoing work plan check-in meetings about work plans are key to everyone’s success

Please reach out to Katherine Krajcovic or Tiffany Heineman if you have any questions or suggestions.