Shared IT Services Begins Discovery on Danforth Campus

The Shared IT Services (SITS) implementation teams are wrapping up in the Department of Medicine (DOM) in late spring. The four teams are projected to migrate approximately 3,000 machines to SITS in DOM before beginning the planned Wave I schedule pause.

You may recall, as a part of the schedule recalibration announced this past January, SITS implementation teams will pause Wave I migrations scheduled after DOM in order to reduce interference with Epic’s June 2 go-live and post-stabilization efforts during the summer. See an FAQ article on those changes here.

As was intended with the recalibration of Wave I migrations, the program is going forward to start on time with Wave II of the schedule. Discovery began on March 30 for Brown School and several other scheduled central fiscal units (CFUs). What’s discovery? On the Map to Migration graphic below you can see that discovery is one of the first stops. In this phase, a unit’s data is analyzed to help plan and prepare for their migration needs. You can see what kind of data is gathered during discovery here.

Looking ahead, SITS will return to the Medical Campus in fall 2018 to complete Wave I migrations.

SITS leadership is working on releasing an updated migration schedule. To see what units have already migrated, check out the list here.

Migrations in Review
In the March issue of REfresh, SITS leadership shared a recap of the migration process and schedule changes. You can revisit that article here.

The Map to Migration