On Our Way to MyDay: The Administrative Systems Replacement

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the administrative systems replacement over the past few months. Working groups, vendor visits, process inventories, a new website and even a new name – MyDay. Many of you have been involved in these activities, but some still may be wondering what MyDay is really all about.

The Source released a helpful piece last week highlighting the university’s need for MyDay and some of the changes ahead. You can read the whole article here. 

In a few words, MyDay is about advancing Washington University through operational excellence and insight-driven decision making. Pursuing this, we are replacing our core administrative systems for human resources, finance and student administration with a single, integrated system.
As we move to the new system, we will have an opportunity to review our core processes for collecting, managing and analyzing the information we store in these systems – namely, our data – to see if there are areas where we can

adopt similar processes across departments to create more consistent, robust reporting.

A key goal of replacing systems and streamlining processes is to make it easier to use our data for daily and strategic decision making.“MyDay will improve our collective ability to answer questions like: Where do I stand with research funding? How much does it cost to run an academic program? How have students with a particular academic profile performed?” said Hank Webber, executive vice chancellor for administration and executive sponsor for MyDay.

Because everyone at the university interacts with these systems in some way, MyDay will impact all of us. “For some, the change will involve whole new ways of working, and for others, the change may simply be an easier way to complete current administrative tasks like reporting time or registering for classes,” Webber said.

The MyDay team just completed a series of town halls about the program. If you missed them or would like a team member to present to your school or department, contact the team to schedule a presentation. You also can learn more at the upcoming WashU Technology Town Hall on April 12.

For more information or to sign up for the MyDay newsletter, visit myday.wustl.edu.