IT Service Rates on it.wustl

Through a variety of communications, projects and initiatives, you’ve likely heard about the growing need for IT to utilize a service costing model to determine technology service rates. WashU IT service owners and the Office of the CIO  are working diligently on this priority, with the intent of making a smooth transition to this progressive model.

“With many of our customers moving to Shared IT Services and utilizing BIT Bundle rates for the first time, we recognize that this represents a substantial change. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to get the services they need while transitioning to a service costing model,” said Katherine Krajcovic, executive director for IT Administration (IT Admin).

A service costing model is a service-based costing approach which considers the full ‘true’ cost of providing a service throughout the service lifecycle. This includes direct costs (ex: the cost of the system/service license), indirect costs (ex: the cost of tools, training, rent and other resources used in managing the service), and overhead costs of managing the service. Defining a new IT funding model was a project within the Shared IT Services Program.

Throughout the 2019 fiscal year, WashU IT will continue to develop service rates and further refine the costing model. More information regarding services rates will be communicated within the coming months.

“We’d like to ask that as you are working with our customers, if you receive feedback or questions regarding rates or billing, please do not hesitate to reach out to Christy McCollum, director of administration or Joelene Swearingen, business director. IT Admin is here to help ensure our customers understand the benefits and impact while we mature through the implementation of the service costing model,” said Krajcovic.

The OCIO is developing a communication plan to create awareness of the new rates (pending rate approval by all service owners). Performance Support has been adding approved rates to service pages on