Research Storage Pilot is Underway

Onboarding is currently underway for the Research Storage pilot. To date, more than 50 participants from the Washington University research community have volunteered to become early adopters and participate in the Research Storage pilot.

Like many IT projects, the Research Storage project utilizes pilot testing as a preliminary step for evaluating functionality. It also provides an opportunity to improve upon the design prior to a full-scale launch.

“Pilots give us the opportunity to work out any kinks prior to launch while providing our partners with a hands-on experience and the ability to gather real-time feedback for improvement,” said Randy Gadell, IT project manager.

If you are not familiar with the Research Storage project, it is a part of the IT Research Infrastructure Services Program (IRIS). The project’s intent is to build a centralized research storage solution for Washington University.

One of the many benefits to the initiative is the 5 terabytes (TB) of free storage to faculty conducting research at the university. In addition to the upfront free storage, researchers also benefit from the high performance, security, compliance and back-up features.

Research Storage – Fast Facts

  • 5 TB (terabytes) of free high-performance storage for faculty conducting research
  • Offers simple sign on with WUSTL Key integration
  • Data backups available for 90 days
  • Security, retention and support included
  • Solutions design is available from the Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) team
  • Available to all campus locations
  • WURN high-speed research network options
  • Additional storage at an affordable cost
  • Located in multiple data centers

What’s next for the Research Storage Project?

  • March 29 – Research Storage Seminar
  • April – General availability of research storage service will be announced
  • April – Consulting and engineering services for complex storage requirements will start
  • April – First version of the research services portfolio will be published
  • July – Design work starts for the expansion of the storage services

More information about Research Storage can be found on