Celebrate Digital Learning Day with WashU IT and STS

WashU IT and Student Technology Services (STS) are hosting an event with activities celebrating Digital Learning Day on Thursday, Feb. 22. Digital Learning Day began in 2012 as an opportunity to feature ways in which technology can enhance the learning experience through strategies developed by leaders in education. STS will host a variety of events, including virtual reality and augmented reality campus tours, that feature various student activities. Additionally, STS will demonstrate some of the 3D printing techniques and partnerships developed by students at their facility.

The event will also serve as an opportunity to learn about exciting developments from other campus offices. STS Director Sherry Holmes says, “Olin library will be joining us throughout the day, showcasing all of the technological advancements and tech space renovations that will be available spring 2018”.

STS will host activities at their offices on the South 40 from noon until midnight on Feb. 22. Light snacks will be provided. For more information and to stay current on Digital Learning Day events, please visit the STS website here.