Site Migrations Pave Way for Unified Approach

WashU IT is continuing the effort to consolidate our web presence by retiring legacy websites, most of which exist as relics of our three former organizations.  This month, the Marketing Communications team is migrating content from the Systems and Procedures, WUSTL Box, and WUSTL O365 Email websites to retire these sites permanently. These are the latest in a list of sites identified for retirement. Content from the sites is relocated to either or in an effort to promote the unified vision of WashU IT.

The retirement process begins with a thorough and collaborative evaluation of the legacy website with the website owner. After a migration plan is drafted and a new home for the website content is determined, the Performance Support team moves relevant content to the new pages. The Marketing Communications team has adopted a ‘sunset’ approach to website retirement where over time, the legacy website is reduced to a single page with quick links to the content in its new home and a retirement message. The next step is a delayed website redirect to the new location of the content and the final stage of retirement is removal of the legacy site with a permanent redirect to the new home of the content.

Keeping with the approved website strategy, IT strategy and customer-focused content is migrated to while service and user-focused content moves to Marketing Communications is also working with the team to create a new home for locating commonly used services. The goal is to make sure the WashU community can easily access services, documents, guides, and information through the IT web presence.