IT Admin Offers A Look at 2018

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Katherine Krajcovic, the new executive director for IT Administration (IT Admin), or worked with one of the IT Admin team members, then you may not know what you are missing. The eleven-person team is responsible for a variety of enabling services that range from event planning, budgetary responsibilities and facilities management to organizational leadership and development.

As a part of WashU IT’s commitment to continuous improvement and professional growth, IT Admin is ready to ring in the new year with an opportunistic look at what 2018 has to offer.

“Some of the biggest opportunities for 2018 are focused around people and processes,” said Krajcovic. “As a leadership team, we understand the importance of helping people build competencies so that we as an organization can be more effective together.”

IT Admin utilizes the Stop, Start and Continue model that raises three important strategic questions.

  • What should we stop doing because it doesn’t bring value and isn’t a good use of time?
  • What should we start doing, as we look at more innovative ideas and process solutions?
  • What is giving us good results and what should we continue doing?

“My personal philosophy revolves around meeting people where they are, and the value of human interaction required to truly understand what people need and want,” said Krajcovic. “I believe that everyone at every level has opportunities to learn, grow and either refine or build competencies.”

Three things to look for from IT Admin in 2018:

  • Opportunities to help build a common culture though optimizing our meetings, consistent communication behaviors, utilizing role and responsibility techniques, transparency around budget and processes and continued focus on building a culture and behaviors to reinforce accountability.
  • Processes to help streamline and standardize work and efforts to enable focus on the ‘right’ work.
  • A closer partnership with Human Resources to determine available curriculum that supports building the right competencies for WashU IT and to provide current and aspiring managers the tools they need to effectively hire and retain high performers.

Get Involved – Upcoming Opportunities

Work Plan Workshops

What? Micro sessions to help you develop a new work plan or refine what you already have.

Why? To help us plan our performance versus letting it ‘happen’; when we don’t plan, we end up somewhere but it might not be where we wanted to go.

Who? Everyone is welcome.

Management Bytes

What? Micro sessions to learn the basics like hiring right, leveraging the orientation period, how to actively manage teams.

Why? To help new managers build and retain outstanding teams!

Who? New or aspiring managers.

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas? Please contact either:

Katherine Krajcovic at

Tiffany Heineman, IT Administration at