Celebrating Four Years of MOR Leadership Development

For the fourth consecutive year, WashU IT has leveraged MOR Associates for professional leadership and development. MOR retains an impressive list of clientele comprised largely of higher education institutions and has an outstanding reputation for developing prominent IT leaders and CIO’s. In fact, our own Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer John Gohsman is a 2007 MOR graduate and avid supporter of the development program.

John’s MOR experience made a lasting impact on his career and his approach to challenges, people and organizational change. After 10 years, he still keeps in touch with his MOR coach and actively champions WashU IT’s commitment to continual improvement and staff development.

When it comes to leadership development, John reflects on a quote often used in MOR.

“Leadership is about doing the right things. Management is about doing those things right.” ― Peter F. DruckerThe Essential Drucker

“Often, leaders don’t feel empowered to do the right things. MOR helps provide the tools and critical thinking skills needed to enable a leader to lead a team towards change with actionable, quick and innovative solutions,” said Gohsman.

This year, the MOR participants had a slightly different experience than prior classes, which typically contained fewer participants. Previously, the sessions alternated hosting at each participating institution, including WashU. In contrast, the 2017 MOR class had 30 IT participants from across WashU and was hosted on campus. The on-campus class offered internal perspective and relationship building opportunities, helpful for strengthening IT community relations.

Amy Walter, WashU IT’s senior director for Enterprise Applications and recent MOR graduate, felt that the educational opportunity provided her with a fresh perspective of the WashU IT transformation and gave her tools and practices to more effectively lead her team.

“In MOR it was said that, a deeper understanding of a problem is not progress,” Walter reflected. “For me, that really resonated. As leaders, we must go beyond just understanding the problem. We have to own the challenges in front of us, lead our teams to do the right things, and empower them to make hard decisions and deliver. MOR taught us to manage less and lead more and we are only as effective as our teams.”

The senior director also participated in developing a MOR sustainability plan and proposed formation of a MOR alumni committee. Efforts are currently underway to present the recommendation to the OCIO.

MOR graduates will continue to apply their knowledge towards continuous improvement and staff development for IT at WashU.

To date more than 50 IT leaders from across WashU have graduated from the MOR program.

In 2017, former MOR graduates led six soft skills workshops. Every session was waitlisted with over 300 people registering to attend.

Please join us in congratulating the 2017 MOR graduates!

  1. Jeff Allison
  2. Chris Amelung
  3. Tony Balsamo
  4. Greg Barton
  5. Douglas Briggs
  6. Jim Deutschmann
  7. Josh Edwards
  8. James Gagliarducci
  9. Aisha Goodman Hamilton
  10. Holly Griffin
  11. Scott Hughes
  12. Tom Imlay
  13. Mike Isaacs
  14. Martin Johnson
  15. Ken Koch
  16. Jason LaBrash
  17. Samantha Lacy
  18. Kelly Lavick
  19. Christy McCollum
  20. Jason Murray
  21. Larry Poertner
  22. Craig Pohl
  23. Scott Rich
  24. Nicholas Rose
  25. Audrey Sims-Timberlake
  26. Joelene Swearingen
  27. Richard Viehmann
  28. Amy Walter
  29. Nancy Webb
  30. Kip Woods