New Capital Project Space

New Capital Project Space is Home to the Administrative Systems Replacement Team


Renovations are complete on the West Campus’s 4th floor, the new home of the Administrative Systems Replacement Roadmap. In line with best practices for large programs like this, all resources actively working on the Roadmap will be co-located in this space. Some team members have already moved in, and the space is hosting regular team meetings and events.

The 4th Floor is optimized for collaboration with 2 large conference rooms, 7 huddle rooms, several discussion tables and open meeting areas. It is also equipped with tele-conferencing capabilities, wireless internet and mobile white boards to keep meetings efficient and productive. Open lounge spaces and quiet areas provide alternative work environments to promote creativity and innovative thinking.

Dividing walls were removed to create an open, collaborative space. Reconfigurable personal workspaces will allow teams to adjust as the program grows.

The team space was designed with collaboration as the top priority. The environment allows team members to work together to share ideas and make great decisions. 

It is anticipated that nearly 100 people will be actively working on the program during its height, and many other team members will rotate on to contribute at different points. As a result, the personal workspaces are easily reconfigurable to accommodate the team’s changing makeup.

Additional features of the space include several two-person offices, a kitchen and a hoteling area. Following the completion of the Roadmap, this space will continue to be utilized for other university capital projects.