Enterprise Applications Makes Organizational Changes

Recently, Enterprise Applications (EA) underwent an organizational transformation, both in preparation for the Administrative Systems Replacement initiative and to help improve business partnerships and overall service delivery.  EA was structured and focused on current system needs, support and customizations.  Previously, the team was divided into groups that mirrored campus organizations and systems such as: Human Resources, Alumni and Development, Physical Operations, and Undergraduate Admissions.

“As we shift our systems, capabilities, and university goals, we have to shift internally to meet demand, provide support, and continually strive to be more agile in our role as strategic enablers for Washington University,” said Scott Taylor, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Applications and Program Manager for the Administrative Systems Replacement initiative.

The shift to a cloud based application mentality meant that the team would need to be flexible and focus more on process design and system configuration versus customization, data management, reporting, integration, and rationalizing technology to reduce duplication.

EA’s leadership team determined that the organization needed to do five things well in order to succeed.

“We knew that we needed to engage with our business partners in order to understand and anticipate their needs. That we must be able to adapt quickly as cloud based applications and technology update frequently. Innovation is also key as it encourages continuous improvement and a resourceful, solution-seeking mindset.  Our ability to enable the progressive needs of the university and deliver on our commitments are paramount to our success,” said Scott.

As a result, the organization was arranged into four teams:

Service Operations includes production support and project intake. The team is led by Denise Hirschbeck, Asst Vice Chan, Univ Admin & Acad Computing.

Planning & Analysis includes project management, business analysis, and business alignment. The team is led by Amy Walter, Sr Director, Information Technology.

Design & Build includes quality assurance, configuration, Service Now, automation, usability, user interface/middleware and architecture. The team is led by Rooji Sugathan, Sr Director, Enterprise Applications.

Data Management, led by Douglas Briggs, includes data architecture, reporting, and integration. The team is led by Douglas Briggs, Dir Enterprise Applications.

Recent organizational changes within WashU IT provided an opportunity for Departmental Applications to join the team as well.  This alignment will allow the organizations to share in best practices and improved processes as we continue to grow and change.