Cognos upgrade planned for spring

At the user group meeting June 2, we previewed the new Cognos Analytics and shared information about plans for the upgrade timeline. Although we had discussed a possible fall upgrade, some compatibility issues with Cognos Analytics and our current version of TM1 raised concerns that prompted us to push back the go-live date.

TM1 is a platform that works in conjunction with Cognos. Business-critical applications such as Annual Budget and Consolidated Financial Reporting are built in TM1. After testing, we have concluded that upgrading Cognos without also upgrading TM1 may expose major issues that could affect the productivity and accuracy of these applications. Therefore, any upgrade to Cognos can only be safely done if TM1 is also upgraded.

What does this affect?
  • Our timeline. We will need to build in additional time to accommodate the TM1 upgrade and all associated testing, in a way that will not impact the budget cycle that opens in the fall. At this time, we anticipate a spring 2018 upgrade for Cognos.
  • Our training. We had announced that we were discontinuing Query Studio Intermediate and Intro to Workspace Advanced classes in order to focus on upgrade training. Since the upgrade is delayed, these regular monthly classes will resume in August. Class dates will be announced in e-news and signups will be in Learn@Work.
What does this NOT affect?
  • Training phases. The phases of upgrade training as discussed in the meeting and on the website will remain the same, and more information about dates for Cognos upgrade training will be released when we solidify a timeframe for go-live.
  • Changes to the toolset. You will continue to be able to work in the Cognos tools you have today, and can continue to expect the changes announced for the upgrade to occur in the spring. As far as we know at this time, Query Studio will run as a legacy application, Workspace Advanced and Report Studio will be deprecated.
  • Communications. We will continue to keep you updated about this project via e-news, the website, and special announcements as needed.

To learn more about the Cognos Analytics upgrade, visit the project website anytime for the latest news and plans.


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