Cognos tool availability changes

As part of the work to prepare for the migration to Cognos Analytics, the BIDW team is working behind the scenes to simplify our tool assignment structure. Instead of having multiple report-authoring tools as we do now in Cognos 10, the new Cognos Analytics will have only one tool with advanced capabilities. This means we need to get all of our users with any level of report authoring privileges assigned into a single group.

Over the course of the next month or so, users of the report authoring tools Query Studio and Workspace Advanced will notice a new tool called Report Studio showing up in their toolkits. If you have only had Query Studio in the past, you may also see Workspace Advanced added to your toolkit.

What is Report Studio?

Report Studio is the most advanced report authoring tool in Cognos 10.

What do I need to do when Report Studio appears in my toolkit?

You do not need to do anything with this tool if you don’t want to, and its presence in your toolkit should not affect anything about the way you currently work in Cognos.

Can I use Report Studio if I want to?

You certainly can! But please keep in mind, because the tool is advanced and so few of our users need these capabilities, we have usually outsourced or done one-on-one training, so we do not have any curriculum available for Report Studio. Report Studio is similar in many ways to the new Cognos Analytics report authoring tool, so you might find it helpful to explore it as your time permits.

If there’s only one tool in Cognos Analytics – what about Query Studio and Workspace Advanced?

Query Studio will continue to run as a legacy system accessible through Cognos Analytics. Users will be able to access QS and use it as they do today, but we are not sure how long IBM will maintain support for it as they move forward with upgrades to Cognos Analytics. Workspace Advanced will not be available after the upgrade, and all WSA users will be trained in the new Cognos Analytics report authoring tool.

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