Amy Walter Presents at CoderGirl Speaker Series

Last month, Amy Walter, WashU IT senior director of enterprise applications, partnered with St. Louis’s CoderGirl to share her experience in IT leadership with women pursuing careers in technology and computing.

CoderGirl – a LaunchCode program that aims to increase diversity in tech – provides a supportive environment and affordable education for women to learn coding fundamentals. LaunchCode strives to build bridges into the industry for aspiring tech workers who have been denied opportunities for education. For Amy, as for many in the LaunchCode programs, higher education was not a guarantee and required great sacrifice, determination, and hard work.

Amy joined the WashU community in June 2015, bringing with her more than fifteen years of IT experience from her time with Boeing. She also previously served as the board president for the Christian Activity Center (CAC), a nonprofit benefiting youth in East St. Louis. As senior director of enterprise applications, Amy oversees a team of developers and analysts who manage several of WashU’s core systems.

From her time at the CAC, Amy learned that people, not processes, get things done, and that surrounding herself with a talented, driven team was the best way to help her organization succeed. Accordingly, Amy dedicates much effort to developing her staff. Combining Boeing’s analytical, process-oriented leadership style with the CAC’s relationship-driven goals, Amy directs her team in a way that is both personal and effective.

Amy encouraged the CoderGirl audience participants that, despite any resources they may lack, the greatest tool they have to succeed in IT is their initiative. She challenged them to take responsibility for their own careers by creating opportunities and connections, volunteering for challenging projects, and embracing their unique leadership qualities.

WashU is proud to have leaders like Amy partner with LaunchCode for the advancement of the St. Louis community.

For more on LaunchCode and CoderGirl, visit their websites.

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