SCAM ALERT: Phishing Attack Targeting Google Docs Users

There have been reports of email phishing attempts targeting Google account users. The phishing emails appear to be sent from one of your contacts and provide a link inviting you to open a Google Doc, as shown below:



If you click “Open in Docs,” you will be directed to a page where it appears that Google Docs is requesting full access to you Gmail account, including the ability to manage your contacts and read, send, and delete emails :



Below, you can see difference between a legitimate invitation from a Google account user and an invitation from the phishing account. A legitimate invitation contains the document name next to the blue and white Google Docs icon, whereas the phishing invitation has a blue button reading “Open in Docs” and invites you to “view” the document rather than “edit” it.



If you aren’t expecting a document from someone or if the email looks remotely suspicious, do not click or open the email. Instead, contact the sender to verify whether they sent it and alert them of the potential breach to their account.