Upcoming Authentication and Timeout Requirement for AISystem/HRMS Access

March 25: Two-factor Authentication Requirement for Off-campus AISystem Access and HRMS/AIS Timeout Increase
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On March 25, two-factor authentication through WashU 2FA will be required for off-campus access to WashU AISystem applications such as FIS, MarketPlace, CITI Human Subjects Education, PDS, SUBS and others under the AISystem umbrella.

WashU 2FA two-factor authentication services, provisioned by Duo, enable identity verification through the use of a second device to protect your WUSTL Key ID. Currently, WashU 2FA two-factor authentication is required for off-campus access to the WashU HRMS system.

If you have not already enrolled in WashU 2FA, please do so today. You can find more on WashU 2FA here and watch the short enrollment video tutorial here.

In addition to the WashU 2FA two-factor authentication requirement, timeouts for both the AISystem and HRMS applications will be increased from 45 minutes to 8 hours. Please ensure that you logout by clicking the “Sign Out” link in the top right of the application screen prior to closing your browser.

If you have any questions regarding the above change, please click here.

We appreciate your patience as we enhance our services.