VPN required for Cognos

Servers for the university data warehouse are located in the WUSTL Zone – a range of IP addresses that are protected with additional security and encryption features for sensitive information.

A WashU Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required for access to the university data warehouse on any wireless or offsite internet connection. The WashU VPN is free and easy to request from the Solutions Center. Even if you don’t regularly work offsite or on wireless networks, BIDW recommends signing up for your free VPN just in case.

Effective March 21, all CFU VPN users will need 2-factor authentication to use their VPNs. Learn more in the WashU IT announcement here.

What Systems Require VPN?

  • Cognos Analytics applications (Query Studio, Workspace Advanced, Report Studio)
  • TM1 applications (Annual Budget, WUSM Planning)
  • Tableau Server  Update 4/1/2017: Due to security changes needed to permit guest access, Tableau Server will NOT require the use of a VPN for wireless and off-campus connections as previously announced.

What Users Need a VPN?

  • On-campus wireless users (including users of WUSTL wireless networks)
  • All off-campus users

How Do I Get a VPN?

  1. Print and complete this security form. Return it to the Solutions Center using the fax or mailing contact information on the form.
  2. The Solutions Center will have your VPN set up approximately four days from the time they receive your completed form.
  3. When your VPN request is complete, log in at vpn.wustl.edu to begin a secure session before logging into Cognos.

The BIDW team is planning new training to accompany the potential migration to Cognos Analytics. Because of the decreased availability of computer labs on the medical and Danforth campuses, and in order to reduce the users’ need to travel, we are creating a number of video modules so users can work at their own pace in a convenient location. The team is also considering options for “office hours” support for BIDW tools, where users can come work with a member of the support staff hands-on. The lack of computer lab space means that these workshop sessions will rely largely on laptops, and without a VPN, the user will not be able to work.

For more information about VPNs at WashU, please contact the Solutions Center.


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