Spring 2017 WashU MOR IT Leaders Program Participants Chosen

The OCIO has chosen 31 members of the IT community to participate in the 2017 MOR Associates IT Leaders Program. Congratulations!

Jeff Allison
Joelene Swearingen
Audrey Sims-Timberlake
Richard Viehmann
Tony Balsamo
Tom Imlay
Martin Johnson
Samantha Lacy
Jason LaBrash
Nicholas Rose
Scott Hughes
Kelly Lavick
Holly Griffin
Douglas Briggs
Josh Edwards

Jim Deutschmann
Christy McCollum
Chris Amelung
James Gagliarducci
Jason Murray
Craig Pohl
Ken Koch
Greg Barton
Mike Isaacs
Aisha Goodman-Hamilton
Nancy Webb
Rick Tyler
Kip Woods
Scott Rich
Larry Poertner
Amy Walter

Sponsorship of the Washington University participants is part of the commitment of the OCIO to provide professional and leadership development opportunities to facilitate the growth and empowerment of IT staff. Again, congratulations to the 2017 participants! Good luck in your experience and we all look forward to your contributions as you apply your new skills and experiences to improve IT at Washington University.

Click here for more information about MOR Associates.