WashU 2FA Enrollment Required Oct. 31

Service Announcement:
Authentication will soon be required for off-campus access to University HRMS


Washington University Information Technology is adding an extra layer of authentication to protect your personal data.

On Oct. 31, enrollment in WashU 2FA will be required for off-network access to the Washington University Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

Using two-step authentication services provided by Duo, WashU 2FA enables identity verification through the use of a second device to protect your WUSTL Key ID. Once enrolled in the Duo authentication service, you’ll log in to HRMS as usual with your WUSTL Key ID and password. This is the first step of authentication. Next, you’ll verify your identity using the device you’ve enrolled with Duo (a mobile phone, tablet or home phone). This is the second step of authentication. Enrollment in WashU 2FA eliminates the birth year authentication requirement in HRMS and increases the password expiration period.

If you already enrolled in WashU 2FA during the voluntary enrollment period that began January 2016, then no action is required.

You can find more on WashU 2FA here. You can also view the enrollment video tutorial here.

Enroll in WashU 2FA

 NOTE: Please disregard the lynda.com attachment in the email announcement sent Oct. 25. We apologize for any confusion this attachment may have caused.