Complete Mandatory Compliance Training in Learn@Work

Compliance trainingThe deadline for all WashU faculty and staff to complete mandatory compliance training was March 31, 2016. Log in to Learn@Work from any device to complete your training today!

Learn@Work is the cloud-based, WUSTL Key-enabled University learning management system available for you to complete assigned training from any computer.

Designed to provide a more streamlined training experience, Learn@Work helps you complete and track compliance-related training activities in a single application. The dashboard view and personalized monthly email digests help you track your progress, while the mobile app makes it easy for you to access your profile.

All WashU faculty and staff are required to complete annual Code of Conduct compliance training by the assigned deadline. If you haven’t yet accessed Learn@Work to complete your training, there’s still time.

Access Learn@Work from any of your devices to complete all your mandatory annual certification online, including the Code of Conduct compliance training. As a reminder, the Code of Conduct certification status of all faculty and staff is reported to the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor.

After you have completed the Code of Conduct certification, please answer the questions in the Compliance Profile found in the ‘Featured’ section of the Learn@Work homepage.

Learn@Work ME PageThis questionnaire helps managers identify and assign the correct compliance training for the activities you may perform. Visit the ‘ME’ page to view all your assigned training. (The ‘ME’ Page link is found in the green toolbar at the top of the Learn@Work web page.)

While you’re there, complete your personal profile on the ‘ME’ page to enable access to the most beneficial and mandatory training and certification relevant to your job function. You will be sent a monthly email reminder that lists your assigned training and due dates.

To access Learn@Work, visit (preferably via Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome) and click ‘Login to Learn@Work’ in the sidebar. Log in to your account with your WUSTL Key and password.
Please note: Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8 are not supported by the Learn@Work system and will not provide all services.

If you have questions about Learn@Work, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is not addressed in the FAQ, or if you need additional information about Learn@Work requirements, please access the online resources  or contact us by email at You may also call the WashU IT Help Desk at 314-935-5707.