Cognos to Require VPN for Offsite and WiFi Access

VPN-Key-150x150The BIDW team will be migrating all Cognos servers from the Public Access Zone to the WUSTL Zone on May 3, 2016. This move aligns with a recommendation from the university’s Information Security Office, to enhance the security of university data. The WUSTL Zone is a range of IP addresses that are protected with additional security and encryption features for sensitive information.

After the server migration, users will need a VPN (virtual private network) to access the Cognos portal from an off-campus or wireless connection, including the WUSTL WiFi networks. WashU VPNs are free and integrated with your WUSTL Key, so you have no digital token to keep track of, and no additional password to remember.

What Systems Will Be Affected?

  • Cognos Analytics applications (Query Studio, Workspace Advanced, Report Studio)
  • TM1 applications (Annual Budget, WUSM Planning)

What Users Will Be Affected?

  • On-campus wireless users (including users of WUSTL wireless networks)
  • All off-campus users

How Do I Get a VPN?

  1. Print and complete this security form. Return it to the Solutions Center using the fax or mailing contact information on the form.
  2. The Solutions Center will have your VPN set up in approximately four days from the time they receive your completed form.
  3. When your VPN request is complete, log in at to begin a secure session before logging into Cognos.

If you have questions, email or call the Solutions Center (314-935-8200).

All Cognos portal users, including those who use a Citrix desktop emulator, should set up a VPN before May 3, 2016 to ensure uninterrupted service. We anticipate a high volume of VPN requests due to the server move, and recommend requesting your VPN as soon as possible.

At this time, we anticipate that users who currently utilize Citrix should still be able to use it to access Cognos after the server move. However, the function cannot be fully tested until the end of April. We are continuing to test access via Citrix and will provide updates the week of April 26, 2016.

For more information about VPNs at WashU, please contact the Solutions Center.

For more information about the Cognos server move, please contact the BIDW Help Desk.

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